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The Microservice Architecture Perspective

8 minute read

Making software that serves more than a couple of thousand users can be hard. The difficulty is not in making the app itself but in how we make the app relia...

How To Choose Your First Techstack

7 minute read

For all these years in the tech industry. I assure you that I have had my fair share of technology. A multitude of different frameworks aiming to achieve the...

How To Host Flutter Web In Linux Using Nginx

5 minute read

Thinking of making a web app? I recommend you try Flutter. Flutter’s web capabilities are still in beta but it’s quite promising, to say the least. I have ex...

5 Awesome Open Source Software In 2020

5 minute read

Ever wondered why Chrome (or the New Edge) is such a cool browser? For those of you, non-techies Chrome is a browsing software based on Chromium an open-sour...

What I’ve Learned On Azure Data Factory

5 minute read

Azure functions can now be added as a step in Azure Data Factory (ADF). It makes it easier to synchronize data and to make trigger functions that can help da...

Microsoft Having An ‘Edge’ Over Chrome

5 minute read

I was never a fan of browsers, well to be exact I was only a fan of one, Chrome. It has been my reliable go-to browser for the last 5 years, no real contende...

Surviving In A Digital Age of Instability

5 minute read

If you are a computer scientist you might have noticed that new frameworks are constantly popping up. Programming languages just keep showing up and old ones...

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Making an Indonesian Message Classifier

3 minute read

Ever got a spam message on your phone? Annoying right?!  I mean from all of the things that could irritate me spam message is one of them. It especially tick...

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